Interactive psychedelic content

Interactive psychedelia

Cosmic trip (Orbits Visualizer)

Zoom through a series of fractal esque images at this cool site. Various settings and direction dictated by your pointer location. All set to an ambient/chill soundtrack. These orbits are generated iterating this simple algorithm:

(x, y) -> (y - sign(x)*sqrt(abs(b*x - c)), a -x )

where a, b, c are random parameters. This is known as the 'Hopalong Attractor'. 3D rendering is done using WebGL and three.js

How to manage Orbits Visualizer:
[Mouse Move] - Camera position
[Up-Down] - Control speed
[Left-Right] - Control rotation
[H] - Toggle info and cursor
[F11] - Toggle fullscreen

Click to relax, let the music engulf you.

ROME - WebGL The Technology Behind '3 Dreams of Black'

"3 Dreams of Black" is an interactive film by Chris Milk and some friends at Google that showcases the creative potential of WebGL. WebGL is a context of the HTML5 canvas element that enables hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in the web browser without a plug-in. In other words, it enables your browser to show some really beautiful visuals. On this page, you'll find a WebGL model viewer featuring several of the "3 Dreams of Black" creatures.

Interactive video runs only in Google Chrome.

Click to play '3 Dreams of Black' or watch video about ROME.

Music Cube - An experiment with friends form Google Play

It’s called The Cube, and it’s a trip. This is an in-browser manipulateable 3-D box with a different video and audio track on each face. It’s experimental platform for interactive storytelling.

It was developed by our Sydney Creative Lab as a place to produce film, music, and other art totally free from two-dimensional traditional constraints. We hoped that the creative world would inspire us with all sorts of wacky ideas for the Cube, and we were thrilled when the first cab off the rank turned out to be one of our favourite Aussie bands - The Presets.

Works only in Google Chrome and Android.

Click to play it or watch video about psychedelic cube.